Couples and Premarital Counseling2018-12-05T18:41:14+00:00

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Does it feel like you’re having the same argument over and over?

Couples often come to see me who feel like they are having the same fight repeatedly and they want to stop the never ending cycle. We can take the opportunity to figure out why this pattern repeats, look at what is under the message that doesn’t seem to get heard. We can break that cycle.

Some feel that their fights escalate too quickly and hurtful things are said that are hard to get over. Together we can find new ways to communicate problems more effectively and learn how to tackle problems in a more effective way.

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Are you preparing to be married?

Do you want to work on a few things with your partner first? Would you like a more satisfying relationship than those that were modeled around you while growing up?

I work with couples who are preparing for marriage and want to strengthen their relationship and build a strong foundation for a happy and long lasting union.

Often times people come to visit me prior to marriage because they want to enhance what’s already going well. Sometimes people notice a pattern with thier future spouse  that they would like to work on. This is a great time to seek therapy. We can identify what is going well, what might need a little adjusting and enhanse those strengths and learn how to carry those strengths into the future.